Most Common Places For A Woman To Have A Tattoo

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I think it if pretty safe to say that most people probably know that the most common place for a women to get a tattoo is on her lower back or somewhere else on her back. It seems that women also like the ankle and any other place on their body that is easily concealed with clothing. Whether you fit this bill or not, research has found out that women tend to get tattoos on the lower back and other places that are normally covered up because they think it will help boost the erotic side of themselves.

I will admit that is not why I decided to get my tattoos on my back. Yes, I think the tattoo I have on my lower back is sexy, but that’s not why I got it there. The number one reason both of my tats are on my back is because if I every get tired of them I won’t have to look at them. I mean let’s be honest when you have a tattoo on your back, when is the only time you see it? When you look in the mirror. If I didn’t look in the mirror a lot I would probably never see my tattoos. Some people may think that is defeating the purpose of having a tattoo but being able to see the tattoo isn’t the only reason to have one. It can mark a special time in your life or help remind you about something every time you glance at it.

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