What It’s Like To Get A Tattoo

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I have already addressed the age old question of does getting a tattoo hurt. In case you missed that post and want to know.  Yes, getting a tattoo hurts. Of course some places are more sensitive than others.  So I thought I might go into a little more detail about what getting a tattoo feels like and what to expect.

First of all you should know that it will hurt and it more than likely will be a little uncomfortable. As I have mentioned before getting a tattoo in my opinion feels like you are getting stung by hundreds of bees at the same time. Also please note that if you get an area of your tattoo colored in it tends to hurt more, the outline of the tattoo seems to hurt less. I don’t really know why but it just does. 

Another question that people often will ask does a tattoo hurt after you have gotten it. The answer to this question is also yes. Please keep in mind I am answering these questions from my own personal experience. When I got my first tattoo on my left shoulder blade it didn’t hurt too badly when I got it, but afterwards it hurt like hell. When I got my second tattoo on my lower back it hurt like a mother. I actually almost passed out it hurt so bad. After I left the tattoo parlor it really didn’t hurt that bad, not nearly as much as my first one did. So from what I have concluded is that the more painful of a place you get one the less it will hurt afterwards. I would like to put this theory to test because I would love to get a tattoo on the back of my neck, which is a painful place to get one. But I have decided out of respect out of my husband that I will not get another one because he doesn’t care for them.  If something should change and he let’s me get one. I will report back and let you know if my theory is correct.

So if you are tattoo-less and are thinking about getting one I hope this gives you a little insight on what getting one will feel like and what to expect.

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