How To Care For Your Tattoo

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Now that you have gotten your long awaited tattoo you need to know how to properly care for it to ensure that the tattoo will remain as good as it did the day you got it. The first and probably the most important thing you have got to remember and try your hardest from not doing is scratching it. Trust me your tattoo is going to itch like a mother and all you will want to do is scratch it. Well you can’t, if you do it will make the scab came off. You need to let the scab fall off on its on, otherwise you will have little white dots all over you tattoo where the ink came off. Your tattoo usually starts to scab up within the first couple of days of getting your tat, this is normal and it means your tattoo has started the healing process.

You need to make sure to put your neosprine on your tattoo at least twice a day until the scab has completely fallen off. Also you will want to keep your tattoo moisturized to help the skin remain healthy. Also a big big care tip that you need to remember is whenever you are out in the sun and your tattoo is exposed you need to make sure to have sunscreen on it. The higher the SPF the better. This not only helps protect your skin from getting skin cancer but it helps your tattoo from fading as much. Also please keep in mind that your tattoo’s color will fad over time and you may have to go back and get touch ups. But if you put lotion on your tat and make sure you put sunscreen on it, it will prolong the fading process.

I hope these little tattoo care tips will help all of you out there like it has helped me.

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