Don’t Scratch That Itch

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If you area a regular here and I hope you are. You more than likely remember me mentioning something about your tattoo itching like crazy when it starts to heal. I actually don’t know why it itches so blasted much but it does and it is something you will have to deal with. Now please remember that there are consequences you will have to pay if you decided to go ahead and scratch the darn thing. Those consequences are you will have little white dots all over your tattoo because you scratched the ink away. Of course if you get your tat in an area you can’t reach so well it will drive you crazy because you can’t reach it but it will also save you from scratching it and ruining it.

So I have a few little secrets up me sleeve that I will share with you to relieve the itchiness. First you can scratch around the tattoo. That’s what I always did. I would scratch the surrounding area and it seemed to help. Also you can put some ice on it. I know it might sound strange but it will numb it and you want have the itchy sensation anymore. Also don’t worry about your clothes rubbing up against your new tat. This will not cause your tattoo to have white spots in it. But it is recommended that you wear loose fitting clothing until it heals all the way. And yes once it heals and the yucky scab falls off it will feel so super soft. Just remember if you want to keep it that way, put lotion on it at least once a day.

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  1. alejandra polic said,

    Hi! The best solution for the itchy tatoos is shust put some moisturizing cream on it. The cause is the normal healing process, and adding some cream without perfume in it you help your skin. Trust me it works (personal experience).

    • mERC said,

      Also, just a little tip, and i have used it on all mine, but patting it lightly helps alleviate the itch and will not scratch away any ink, they also sell itch creams with lidocain in them. mix those with moisturizer of choice and viola!

  2. S said,

    My tat is all scabbed around. I got is maybe 4 days ago. I keep lotion and what not on it when it looks dry. The scab has started to peel on its own. Under it looks a little lighter (just a tad) than the dark black scab. When the scab goes away will it bee smooth and just as dark as the original or will I need a touch-up to make it dark black as when it was first etched?

    This is my first tat so please bare with me.

    • Ashley said,

      This normal is Stephanie. Once the scab completely falls off your tattoo it will be smooth. If you notice there are tiny white dots all over your tat you will want to get it touched up a later time. Everything should be fine once it has healed all the way. Everyone heals different with their tattoos. Just be patient and keep putting the neosporin on it at least twice a day.

  3. melissa york said,

    its great and all the tatoo’ist reccomended it !!
    this is my first tatoo ive had my tatoo for a week and its only had little scabs on its great !
    love melissa – york – uk

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