Think Before You Ink

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I have mentioned this a few times before in my posting that you need to be 120% sure you want your tattoo and that you have given it a lot of consideration. To be frank you need to think before you ink. Remember this design is going to be on your body forever! There is no rubbing it off or washing it away. If you want to get it removed you will have to pay a good chunk of money and endure more than one painful session getting that tattoo removed by a laser. And also keep in mind that the image will still be able to be seen on your skin it won’t completely disappear.

So that’s rule out a bunch of tattoo no no’s. First and foremost do NOT get a tattoo of some lover’s name on your body. This basically will jinx your whole relationship and you will end up breaking up and you will be stuck with this person’s name on your body forever. The only names I recommend getting on your body is your own, a child’s or a pets. NO lovers, even if it’s your husband or wife. Also don’t get one on Spring Break when you are drunk out of your mind. Stumbling into a tattoo parlor and picking some random thing off the wall is recipe for disaster. One you will bleed more than normal and the tattoo will more than likely not come out so well because of all the bleeding and you will regret whatever you got when you sober up. Also don’t get something tattooed on you that is a fad and will only be around for a short period of time. Lastly, don’t get something stupid that when you have children the will look at you and ask why did you get this tattooed on you.

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