What Should Your Tattoo Be

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I think it is pretty safe to say that the hardest decision that needs to made when one decides to get a tattoo is what to actually get a tattoo of. There is literally an endless amount of designs that you could choose from. The most important thing I feel is that you need to make sure whatever you decide will fit you the rest of your life. This is the time you sit down and rack your brain fors omething, which is literally easier said than done.

So I thought I would give a little insight on a few ideas people can think about when racking their brain of what to get a tattoo of. First of all I think you should think of something that you are okay living with the rest of your life. Also if you have made a big accomplishment in your life get a tattoo of that milestone. For example, it has became a tradition with Olympic athletes to get the Olympic rings tattooed on them before the leave the games to remind them of their accomplishment. So if you have accomplished something similar to that get a tattoo of that. Also this is more for the women, get a tattoo of your Zodiac sign. Once a Leo, Libra, Aries or whatever you are you will always be one, so that’s a pretty safe tattoo. Also getting a portrait done of a loved one is also a safe bet or even a pet. Lastly, be sure that you don’t go overboard and get a humongous tattoo of whatever you decide. Start out small and if everything works out and you think you can live with it and want to get another one than go bigger next time. But the first should be something a little more modest just to make sure you won’t regret it.

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