What Influenced You To Get A Tattoo

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I thought I would go in a different direction today, with my post. I think it is pretty safe to say that we all remember the instant that we decided we wanted to get a tattoo, of course some are a lot sooner than others. I for one had my mind made up when I was 8 years old, that when I turned 18, I was going to a tattoo no matter what. And you better believe I was at a tattoo parlor on my 18th birthday getting my first tattoo. 

There is one person that I credit for me wanting to get a tattoo so bad and that is my cousin. When he was 18 he came and visited my family and I and he had just recently gotten a tattoo. I of course feel in love with it and had my heart set on getting one when I was of age. Of course I had to wait 10 long years before I myself could get inked but it was while worth the wait. However, in the mean time I had to settle for those temporary tattoos that all kids think are just the coolest thing in the world. I will admit that I would wear temporary tattoos up until I was 18 just to make sure that I really could deal with have a permit one. Of course you know I went through with it but my father wasn’t too pleased with my fresh ink. He has never approved of them and has never liked them. I think I probably should have waited until I was out of the house to get one because it made my dad so mad. My thinking was I have always been a great child and never done anything wrong or gotten in any trouble so this was my way of rebelling.

So I would love to hear from you readers on why you decided to get a tattoo.

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  1. Bri said,

    The first tattoo I got I was fourteen, it was a horrible decision, and in a really bad place.
    It’s supposed to be a heartagram, but it looks like a toddler did it in pen, not to mention the fact it’s on my left index finger.
    I got it because I was going through something rough, and so I just walked into this crappy shop,
    With no plan for a design and no idea what a real tattoo artist should look like.
    So, four years later it’s still there, still ugly, and still part of my childhood.
    The second tattoo I got when I had to put my cat to sleep in 2007, it was done in someone’s living room, it was a blue paw with a pink heart underneath it on my right wrist.
    The third tattoo I got was in a professional shop close to where I live, I got cherry blossoms on my right foot in full color.
    I think that tattoo was a definite turning point for me, as I’ve been back to this artist for almost two years now,
    I got him to cover up my blue paw with a pink heart underneath, it’s now a very crisp,
    Very well done memorial tattoo for my best friend in the world,
    And my most recent tattoo is a tree of life with sanskrit underneath it’s on my right foot.
    My biggest influence to get tattoos at all, was I had always been fascinated with all of these
    People who sported colorful permanent art on their skin, I love art, so it just seems natural for me to turn my body into a canvas.

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