Black Or Color Ink

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You may not have even given this one a thought, should I have my tattoo done in black ink or color ink? Well of course that decision is up to you and what you want. But there are a few little things you should know before you make that decisions. One of them being if you decide to get color ink your tattoo will cost more, so if you are looking to pinch pennies when getting a tattoo than I would go with black. Also I don’t know this from experience because all my tattoos are done in black ink, but I think a color tattoo may hurt a little more because more needles are used when tattooing with color ink.

Another great tip you should be aware of is that if you get color ink it tends to fade a lot faster than black ink. So you might be making several trips to your tattoo parlor over the years to get your tattoo touched up. If you are dead set on getting a color tattoo just make sure to keep it covered up and out of the sun as much as possible. Also if it will be exposed to sun make sure that you put at least a 30 SPF on it. Of course whether you decide to get your tat in color or black ink is totally up to you and there is no right or wrong when it comes to making this decision. As with any tattoo just make sure you are certain about your design and that you have found a good artist that will satisfy your needs.

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