Celebrity Tattoos: Megan Fox

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The beautiful Transformers star is a avid tattoo lover and has several of her own. A lot of people may not understand her tattoos and I’ve read a lot of people think they are tacky. But people don’t get tattoos for other people they get them for themselves and I’m sure every tattoo that Megan has, has a special meaning to her.

Megan tattoos include:

A portrait of Marilyn Monroe on her right forearm, star and crescent moon on her right leg, symbol for strength on the back of her neck, a Shakespeare quote on her back, some tribal symbols, and a “Brian” on her stomach, as well as a poem she wrote that’s on her ribcage.

Megan does have some regrets about one of her tattoos.

“She regrets the “tribal” tat. She said, “The guy was smoking weed while he tattooed me and he didn’t do it correctly. Now it’s nothing and I’m gonna get it removed. I was told he was a really amazing tattoo artist but he wasn’t on his game that night. He was distracted.”

This is what Megan had to say about getting tattoos in general.

“Every time I get a tattoo, it’s a little f-you to anyone who tells me not to. It’s weird to be part of Hollywood, which tries to control every aspect of people, from what they say to the color of their hair. And I like the way getting a tattoo feels. If I’m depressed, it’s nice to get one and deal with the pain. I have one all the way down to my ribs. It hurt, but it felt good–like twisting a loose tooth. I’m not kidding when I say that if I ever lose a role because of my tattoos, I’ll quit Hollywood and go to work at Costco.”

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  1. Miranda said,

    I’m a fellow tattoo lover as well. I have 11 now and still counting… they all have a meaning to me and alot of people cut me down cause i have so many. But like you I get them for me and not them. I love stars and that is where my main focuse is with my tattoos. I loved you in the movie transformers and think you are so beautiful! I find it great that you express your self for who you are and dont care what other people think of you, when it comes to your tattoos.

  2. Larry said,

    Megan, those tattoos make you look extremely trashy. Trailer trashy

    • rick said,

      Larry you are a hater

    • Dr. Nick said,


    • David Cole said,

      Agreed. Trailer Trash. Even Drew Barry more had her’s removed.

    • Elise said,

      Your a close minded jeark and i do not like you one bit you big meany!!!

      • me said,


  3. david austin said,

    MEGAN FOX!! love your tattoos! i also love that so many of them are words instead of random designs… quotes mean so much more when they’re permanently on your body instead like on a facebook profile… big fan, stay true… your also my desktop right now:)

  4. Jimmy Joe said,


  5. Joe said,

    shut up larry you bitch….Megan dont listen to him you are gorgeous..i wish my name was brian

  6. stef said,

    omg.. her tattoos are fine why are you guys so obsessed with them..they don’t look trashy they look fine… stop being soooo jealous its not healthy.. since when do people get so worked up over some tats.

  7. Debralee said,

    Megan is a fox. I love tattoos….

  8. Dave said,

    Megan those tattoos are okay but personally i think that tattoos are trashy and maybe one is okay but not like 10 thats over the top

  9. Mallory Smith said,

    I think the tattoo near your private is inappropriate but i think its also pretty sexy call me anytime babe. my number is 234-8976. I lo9ve you even though i am a girl i feel a special connection. Your HOTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. mallory smith said,

    wow i love u hunnyy.

  11. Lindsey S said,

    i love you everything about you your my dream hottie i love you soo much i wish i could just get a lock of hair

  12. Jason said,

    You haters are all a bunch of freaks. Who gives a flipping f what this women does with her canvass it’s hers. Let her express her self the way she wants, she’s not hurting anybody by doing so. Meg make peace with yourself however you want. 🙂

  13. Rich Avila said,

    I think that those tattoos make you look more gorgeous, and I really like them, they’re a way of letting out your personal feelings and emotions and express them in your body. Keep going Megan ’cause you are fabulous!!!

  14. Jay said,

    First of all, ladies and gentlemen, I doubt Megan reads this stuff to begin with, second of all I’m pretty sure that interview above says she doesn’t care what people think of them… But even though I’m being hypocritical I might as well be sweet and tell her I think every part of her is sexy 😉

  15. jack said,

    She is a unique individual, love her attitude and the way she carries herself…

  16. Zach said,

    hey I don’t care how many tatoos you get I fell head over hills for you when I saw transformers. I think your the most beautiful girl I have ever seen. If you are ever single and hating it look me up im 21, single, and white lol , but really you get as many tattoos as you want, you only live once right, so why waste it.

  17. robyn said,

    tattoos are trashy did u saw rihanna the dont show but its duscusting and i hate tattoos buy the way but megan looks hoooooooooooooooooooot and i love uuuuuuuuuuuuu

  18. marc said,

    yo man, megan fox is the shit. she’s a downass realass chick. can’t even say shit, even though her boyfriend is a DOUCHE BAG.

  19. ray protaziwetz said,

    wow megan fox is by far the hottest girl on earth… she looks amazing in those pics i just wanna eat her up like a cookie, ooo man the things i would do to her!!! I wanna rub my stomach on hers it would be so much fun!!

  20. Ashley said,

    i think she just doesnt give a f*** and does what she wants and i looovee her tattoos =]

  21. maynard said,


  22. Matt said,

    Megan fox is the hottest girl on this earth she looks even hotter with tattoos

  23. Angel said,

    ok for one thing whoever said tattoos are trashy is probably to much of a bitch to get one themselves. tattoos are a part of history its not something new that isnt acceptable i think tattoos are a character builder and are a thing of self expression. So if your sitting there saying how “TRASHY ” they are im sure your writing this from your trailers right now. Your trashy for making bad comments to something that may be sacred to some ppl….. Megan is smoking hottttt and her tattoos look bad ass.

  24. Jake said,

    i find it remotely humorous how many of you are
    going on about how MEGAN’s personal choice-whether it
    be getting a tat or your personal opinion of how it looks on
    her- when it has NOTHING to do with you. ANY decision that
    someone wants to make is theirs to make. PERSONALLY,
    i believe she looks absolutely heavenly without any extra
    design or ink, but whatever satisfaction she receives from it
    is hers to keep, whether she regrets it or not. Don’t you wish
    there was a SECRET website where you could just send celebrities
    messages that they would ACTUALLY read. I would be so effective.
    From the words of the wise-Jake

  25. I Love Megan Fox said,

    I dont know… I think it’s funny that some guys always tell me that Megan Fox would be perfect…. if she didn’t have so many tattoos. I mean come on! What is it with the idea of tattoos ‘scarring’ a woman?

    But there are some who love her because of her ‘alt’ vibe too. Megan Fox is definitely one of the hottest women in the world. I mean… just look at her!

    • Dr. Nick said,

      Tattoos + Women = not hot

  26. Megan fox forever said,

    Man, Megan Fox is the hottest hottie since … since… EVER!!!

  27. francisco said,

    I love you

  28. Fan said,

    I saw this on MeganFox.com also. Great info and she is definitely smoking hot.

  29. Richard said,

    When I saw a picture of her with her long tattoo down her side, i thought it was the “theme” of the magazine shoot. It looks ridiculous and these tats show big insecurities with this girl. She is gorgeous, but she looks stupid and yes, tacky with ALL there tattoos. And one of them is a long poem she wrote? How much of a desperate cry for self importance is that? Silly girl she’s ruined the fantasy of her with all these cheap tats, probably done in some dodgy tat parlour with a dog licking the wounds clean

  30. VIKRAM RANA said,

    U R D HOTTEST …………………

  31. Smee said,

    Trailer Trash! LOL

  32. wowed said,

    totaly stunning, the tats just add to the beauty, amazeing

  33. Victoria said,

    okayz. lets c..how do i put this nicely.. right. get a job! kiss a gurl/guy! get a life! celebrities ar human beings like the rest of us man. so just chill. y’all care so much about celebrity gossip man. like if brad pitt got sideburns or angelina jolie got her kids going to a public school. i mean. COME on. they’re regular people whose got an amazing talent. thats all they are. not gods that you can comment or judge. just cuZ hollywood is supposed to be perfect doesn’t mean the celebrities cain’t be a little regular like you or i.

  34. Cool said,

    ya’ll are fucking lame, go find a life and stop obsessing over this bitch.

  35. Meenu said,

    Wel….she is a hotty n i dun see many people denaying this.tattoo luks amazing n u know wat u people should luk farward too,a lesbian kis b/w fox n jolie

  36. Bill Cox said,

    just my opinion…….tattoos belong on livestock.

  37. Devin said,

    Megan, you’re beautiful! And I love you’re tattoos, they’re not trashy at all!

  38. jeanette said,

    Ha ha, someone should tell Megan that even at Costco you have to cover your tattoos. I used to work there, a lot of us were running around with ace bandages or other coverups. At least in Hollywood they can always digitize it out if they don’t want it.

  39. Corey said,


  40. malu said,

    my i know wat was written der?

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