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One of my favorite things to do is to talk to people who already have tattoos and learn about their experience. I also like to hear any funny stories they might have to share as well as some piece of information that I may not have known. Just yesterday I was talking to one of my sister’s friends that has a tattoo on her toe and I actually learned something. She told me that it took her a long time to actually find a tattoo parlor that would actually tattoo her toe. The reason being is the when you have a tattoo on your foot/toe it tends to fade super super quickand some tattoo artists feel that it is a waste to tattoo an area that will fade very quickly. I will say that her tat is extremely faded and that it doesn’t even look real. It looks like she took an ink pen and colored a daisy on her big toe.

So my whole point of this post is to simple talk to people who have tats and of course talk to tattoo artists. You never know what you will learn from the conversation that you can take with you and can share with another person. Although I’m pretty sure if you get a tattoo on your foot and or toe in black ink it won’t fade as fast, but I could be wrong. I know two people who have tattoos on their feet both are in color and they both are pretty faded.

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