Make Sure You Can Cover Them Up

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One of the first things that I made sure of when I got my first tattoo is that I would be able to cover it up if it needed to be covered up. Of course whenever I wear a tank top and or low cut dress you can see my tattoo on my shoulder. But the reason I bring this up is, a lot and I mean a lot of businesses do not allow you to have a visible tattoo. You would think this day in time things would different but it’s still considered taboo to have a visible tattoo at a place of business.

So my advice to you is to think really hard about the location of your tattoo. You may not be concerned about the location being visible or not when you are a teenager. But when you are thrown out there in the real world and have to get a big boy or big girl job you might be regretting that tattoo you got on your lower arm, hands, neck, wrist or any other place that can not easily be covered up by clothing. Remember there is a time and a place to flaunt your tattoo and when you are dealing with high end clients or any customer you don’t want them getting distracted by your tattoo no matter how cool it may be.  So try to think super hard about your tattoo location before you get inked. You never know you may end up in a very high position at a company when you get older and you will probably feel foolish if you have a visible tattoo on your neck, wrist, or hands.

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  1. NewssyLee said,

    Thanks to you

  2. Cover Up Tattoo Regret - Tattoo Removal Information said,

    […] Cover up tattoo designs are permanent tattoos typically larger than the original tattoos inked on top of current tattoos that literally cover them up.  […]

  3. kelly said,

    I linked your site in a recent article. I was hoping you might add my blog to your tattoo linksTattoo Removal Trends

    Description: WreckingBalm® in-home tattoo removal system combines mechanical and chemical exfoliation to:
    · Pre fade tattoos before getting cover-up work for fewer design limitations
    · Between multiple laser treatments to remove ink pigments difficult for lasers
    · As an affordable in-home tattoo removal system

    thanks in advance.

  4. laura said,

    Hi, I have a question and need ur advice, I got my boyfriends name on my neck we been separated for 2 yrs. now his name is paul any suggestions on what can be a good cover up tattoo. Please help me.

    • Ashley said,

      You can try to conceal it with make up. Do a search on Google for make up to cover up a tattoo. The other option would be to get laser tattoo removal done. However, this is very pricey and painful. You could try to get it covered up with another tattoo. But with it being on your neck you probably want be able to do that.

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