Are Tattoos Still Taboo?

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Some of you reading this might not think tattoos are taboo at all, as a matter of fact I feel the same way. But I have been reading a lot of articles lately about tattoos and I’m starting to wonder myself if tattoos are really as excepted as we all think they are. There is no doubt that tattooing has become extremely popular over the past couple of years even decades. But there are still a lot of people out there that consider them trashy, inappropriate and not acceptable.

For instance, I have read several articles in the past few days warning people if the have a noticeable or tattoo that can not be covered up not to even think about applying for jobs. Of course these jobs are usually with the state or government. But still this goes to show that people are serious about thinking tattoos are inappropriate. Also I read an article last week involving some school that is strongly trying to enforce and get a rule passed at a high school that students can not have tattoos and if they do they have to remain covered up at all times. There are even some night clubs in the United States that are banning people from entering the club if the have a noticeable tattoo. These clubs claim they are having gang problems and that’s the only way they think they can control them from not coming in there is be banning anyone with a tattoo. Of course this is making locals and regulars very unhappy with the club.

So even though the tattoo community has come a long way from where they were, it seems we’ve still got a ways to go.

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  1. Carrie said,

    There’s still a lot of stigma attached to being heavily tattooed. I live in central California and people freak out about mine all of the time.

  2. Kason said,

    i just got my first and im still in high school. im from a very small school where theres maybe 130 kids in the whole building. Well all my teachers have freacked out and quite litteraly i am the only person in the school with one!

  3. Scott said,

    I think tattoos are trashy and unattractive on girls. and guys need to stop getting the “Justin Tiberlake Cross”

  4. Natasha said,

    I have to disagree that tattoos are trashy and unattractive. I think that tattoos are a beautiful form of art and a way to express yourself. I think that unappropriate tattoos are unattractive I think that you should put some consideration into them and think about what they are going to look like in the long run. Especially for the females who go out and get tattoos in certain spots then decide to go out and have children. I myself have 2 tattoos and have found that they are very addictive, I went in for my 1st one then the next week I got my 2nd one done. Everyone has different forms of art and express themselves in certain ways so for some of us a form of art is to have it on our bodies.

  5. davincci said,

    that is a gagnsta !!

  6. Jimmy said,

    i love tattoos, i have 2 and i plan on getting a lot more. plus i think women with tattoos are extremely sexy.

  7. diana davalos said,

    well i think that if you have more than 10 tattoos then i think thats too much but i mean over all i like tattoos on guys i love them!!!!….

  8. 3rdstone said,

    Firstly , thanks Ashley, I like your blogs.

    To me tattoos are best remaining taboo, keeps them interesting and exciting, I have over 200 and wear business clothes every day at work (Govt /Law) I’ve been there for over 10yrs and little do all the snoots know! Ha Ha.. More often than not, those who denounce them are only worried about what others will think. Even a majority of those getting them are more worried about who sees them, they spend more time worrying about where to “hide” their ink than actually choosing something they really like and will outlast their change in lifestyles / attitudes.

    Also “The Tattoo Community” a lot of people refer to, has a pretty diverse array of people, just like everyday society, so linking the pic above ( as a lot of narrow-minds WILL do) is sometimes a false representation that irks inked persons such as I. He’s a lifetime “18” gang member and FAR reached from everyday tattooed bods. The banning of visible tattoos from clubs is evident of that in the Gang ridden U.S of A.

    As Sailor Jerry said, …If it wasn’t for the Tattooed Barbarians** that live and die on the world battle fronts . Where in the hell would America be today!!


    ** New York Supreme Court description of tattooed people.

  9. josh said,

    tattoos that dont mean anythink scatterd all the body look tacky but if the all link up for represent somthing the shit nice

  10. poop face said,


  11. Kevin said,

    tattoos are hot, it looks down

  12. paul said,

    tatts rule

  13. Samantha said,

    Ok I have 8 tattoos and I am no where near done, I love them they give me another way to show people I am different and girls don’t have to be prim and proper. In fact I got my first one when I was 15 my mom took me so I could get it. I got a set of prayer hands on my ankle for my best friend who had just passed away in a horrible car wreck… Now don’t get me wrong I love them and think that people have the right to have as many as they want but some tattoos are a little over the top. You know what I’m talking about the few that get thier whole body done, I mean it is really cool but you have to think in the long run if they are a good choice, if you feel the need to cover your entire body in tattoos more power to you but don’t get them just because you can. I am a firm beliver that your tattoos should have some kind of meaning. As far as high schools trying to say that you have to cover them I think it’s just another way for them to try and control their students, if they did that at the high school that I went to most of us would have had to be in snowsuits!!!

  14. Jenna said,

    Tatoos to me are a way of remembrance and have a valuble meaning. Me and my sister were adopted and our past was way fucked up. We just recently met up with our two biological brothers, we havent seen them in 18 years. The four of us decided to get a tattoo that linked us together. I have half a heart on my right arm.My brother chad has the other half on his left and another on his right. My sister tanya has the same, one on the left and the right. Travis the oldest has a half one on his left. when we stand next to eachother all the hearts connect and each heart is linked by 3D arterys. the hearts are very unique, nothing about the tattoo is simple and it all has meaning. Think before you tat, they should mean something to you.

  15. Leandro said,

    i love tattoos, i have a full sleeve and now im getting started on my full leg.

  16. Juan said,

    im in 10th grade and i have 3 tattoos but u cant see them thet are under my shirt but eveyone loves them

  17. Shorti said,

    Hey dam did that hurt? I’m thinking bout gettin a tatt in my wrist

  18. Gina marie said,

    i would love to meet this guy simply because of the story that has to along with his ink… tattoos like this have got to be absolutely enchanting! my parents look at people like this with disgust but they dont understand… its a way of personal expression. i got my firt tat shortly after i turned 20 and am now 21 so i guess i could be consitered a late bloomer but i love everything about getting them. i’m getting my fourth in just a couple days.. im so excited almost like i was getting my first one done. each peice i get done has a story and a unique meaning to the design, color asnd even the placement. if you are planning on getting ink thing about it before you get it. they’re going to be there for the rest of your life and they should mean something not just look cute… i hate people that do that… use theexcuse “i dont know it looked cool/ cute” i guess it kinda takes the “art” out of it but thats just me. just remember your going to have to see it everyday for the rest of your life…

  19. Shorti said,

    dam that is tight

  20. corey said,

    there is a justin timerlake cross? hahahahaha thats fuckin great, i have 3 tattoos on my arm all for family, i have one on my chest for my love of marijuana, and i have mario and luigi to have something from childhood, tattoos are art, they are for some and not for others, its all based on your opinion everyone has an opinion, its like weed – if you dont like my fire then dont come around cuz i’m gonna burn one down, aka quit ur bitchin if you dont like em

  21. d-weazy said,

    tattoos have been there through out the ages and its all in how your seen and how you want to be seen i personally would never get a tattoo on my face or any where on my head unless i knew i was stable enough to do it at whatg ever job i end up doing and it would have to fit my skin and my soul just right these look like gang tattoos which i think is a total waste of a persons life although the tattoos are fascinating with all of the hidden meanings behind them

    know your history peace

  22. Willemijn said,

    Next monday I start my job at a lawyers office. I wonder that if they notice my tattoo, what their reaction will be. but it is on my foot, so it’s a good place to cover it up. I’m also a law student, but I won’t cover it up when I’m at college.

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