A Less Painful Way To Get Rid Of Tattoos

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I am super shocked about this, apparently there is a new way for you to get rid of an unwanted tattoo. And it does not included going to several laser removal sessions. I have just read an article claiming that there is a cream that can be injecting into your tattoo and it will literally push out the ink to the surface of your skin and will leave your skin scar free and have no evidence of a tattoo every being there.

Supposedly, there are some cosmetic surgeons that say they can get rid of the ink by injecting your skin with a cream which softens the ink and pushes it to the surface. And within six to eight weeks after a scab falls off the ink from your tattoo falls off with it and you are left with non noticeable tattoo free skin.

Some experts claim that this new procedure has been used here in the United States and that it is much cheaper and a lot less painful than the laser removal option and it also has little to no scarring compared to laser removal.

This new treatment is currently being done in London. Stuart Harrison, director of Oxford Skin Clinics, said: “This works by using the body’s natural processes. The reason the tattoo stays there is that a coating is put around the link to protect it from the body’s immune response.

“But this cream makes the ink identifiable to the body so that it realises the ink is there and starts rejecting it and healing itself.”

 Sturwart also added how the process feels,

“It is uncomfortable rather than painful, but it is less painful than having the tattoo itself and certainly a lot less painful than having laser treatment.

So if you have any unwanted tattoos on your body maybe you should look into this procedure.

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  1. Patricia said,

    There are no quick and easy “creams” that remove tattoos. If this was the case lasers would not exist. If it sounds to good to be true it probably is.

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