Starting A New Chapter In Your Life

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We all know when it comes to getting a tattoo you don’t really have to have a reason to get one, you get one because you want one. Well it seems that a lot of people get tattoos to mark chapters in their life. The reason I bring this up is that my sister is going trough a rough divorce right now and she really wants to get a tattoo to free herself from everything that she is going through. Also because she is literally starting a whole new scary chapter of her life not knowing what is ahead of her. I of course encourage her to get one if that’s what she really wants to do.

I personally think that if a tattoo helps you get over a tough place in your life and the tattoo will help you move on than more power to you. We all heal in different ways and strangely enough if something as simple as some ink on your skin can help you heal then by all means ink yourself up until your heart is content. Of course I might have gotten myself into a little bit of trouble by encouraging her to get a tattoo because she really wants to me to go with her and get one myself. If you are a regular here you know that my husband doesn’t really care for them so out of respect of him I’m not getting another one. But I will admit if I do go with her to get her first tattoo it will be very hard to resist the powers of the tattoo gun and not getting another one for myself.

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