Marine Coprs Make A Change In Their Tattoo Policy

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You may think that is kind of odd that the Marine Coprs would be making a change in a tattoo policy. Mainly because way back in the day men who were in the service were one of the only people besides criminals and dirt bags that had tattoos. Well the Marine Corps are not making a positive change in their tattoo policy, unfortunately it is a bad one if you have tattoos.

The policy that is being changed is in regards to tattoo sleeves. As of September 4, 2008, Marines who have tattoo sleeves are no longer authorized to serve as a recruiter or Marine Security Guard. The Marine Corp defines a tattoo sleeve as the following:a large tattoo or collection of smaller tattoos that covers or almost covers a person’s arm or leg. This new policy also includes half and quarter sleeves if they are visible in green-on-green, physical training gear.

The reason behind this new polciy change is that Marine recruiter or Marine Security Guard have a huge impact on public perception as they routinely interact with civilians, both at home and aboard, in the daily performance of their duties. 

This is what staff Sgt. Aaron McMullen a canvassing recruiter, Recruiting Substation Clarksville, Ind., Recruiting Station Louisville, Ky. had to say about the tattoos. “Sleeve tattoos degrade our professional Marine image,”   “We keep our uniforms pressed, our brass shiny and our shoes polished.  Sleeve tattoos don’t fit with that image.”

However, this policy does not pertain to all positions available. All Marines who have been grandfathered as they call it can still apply for the following jobs. Marine combat instructor, drill instructor or Marine Corps security forces guard.

This just goes to show that even the place where tattoos originated from still considered them taboo.

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