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If you are a regular here and have read most of my posts you will know that I’m not one that necessarily encourages people to get tattoos of lover’s names or get the same tattoo as a lover. The reason behind this is you honestly do not know if you will be with that person forever. Yeah sure when we get married to someone we certainly hope we will spend the rest of or life with them, but unfortunately the divorce statistics prove to us that doesn’t happen as often as we would like it to.

So this leads me to Lindsay Lohan, if you love celebrity gossip and have been keeping up with this troubled child star you will know that she and DJ Samantha Ronson have something a little more serious than a friendship going on. Well Lindsay just recently got a new tattoo. It’s not big or anything. It is a small little red star on her hand. But the reason she got it is because girlfriend Samantha has several star tattoos on her right arm. This is no reason to get a tattoo. I mean lets be honest in a year or two these two will probably not be together and she will have that star tattoo on her hand to remind her of Sam. This is a prime example of why you don’t get tattoos for this reason. However, since it isn’t her name or anything there might be a better chance of Lindsay not regretting it if and when they break up. But the meaning of that tattoo will always be with her even though that little star doesn’t say Samantha to Lindsay when she looks at it that’s exactly what it says. The so called couple has also gotten matching heart tattoos on their hands. So just be careful when deciding what tattoo design you pick out. Because you truly never know how long your love for each other with last.

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