Henna Tattoos Cause Scars

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I have read several articles all over the internet claiming that a large amount of people around the world are having severe allergic reactions to henna tattoos. Granted most of these people have traveled out of the United States to somewhere in Asia. A nine year old girl from Greece got a henna tattoo and within hours of getting it, It blistered and when the blisters popped the ink began to scab off. Then it got redder and hotter. They went to a doctor and the docotor advised them to go to a burn unit at the hospital. Doctors are concerned that this temporary tattoo is going to scare this little girl for life.

There is also another horrible story about a 10 year old boy from Australia that is experience something a little different than blisters,  very dark hair is growing around the henna tattoo. Dermatologists say these horrible allergic reactions are being caused by the toxic dye para-phenylenediamine, or PPD, that these people are using while giving people these henna tattoos. This toxic dye is similar to the dye that is used in hair dye. Also experts are suggesting that these places in Asia are using black ink and not the traditional brown ink.

So the best advise dermatologists and parents who have children that have had reactions to these henna tattoos is just to avoid them all together, especially if you are out of the country. Also if you notice the ink they are using is black is another huge indication to stay away from them. If you want a fake tattoo just stick to the original temporary ones.

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  1. Jen said,

    These people are not reacting to henna. It’s just the PPD, which is EXACTLY the same as what’s in hair dye, just more concentrated. Its also more dangerous when intentionally applied to skin for long periods of time. The chemical is used in stead of, or added to, natural henna becuase it makes a black “tattoo” and works faster than natural henna. We henna artists have been working really hard to get people to stop calling the poison stuff henna at all. Its not henna its ppd.

    Its very easy to tell if an artist is using safe and natural henna. Ask them what color the “tattoo” will be when the paste is first removed. Natural henna should be orange at first and take two days to darken into brown or deep red. The poison stuff will be black or brown right away.

    There’s really no reason to avoid henna all together. That would be like saying you should avoid tattoos, just to be to be safe, because there have been cases of infections. Just make sure you’re working with a competent artist who knows what their doing.

    Henna is the “original” temporary tattoo. It’s been around for 5000-9000 years! 🙂

    BTW the photo you have here is real henna not the dangerous stuff. Go here to see what PPD can look like: http://www.hennapage.com/henna/ppd/index.html

    Thanks for listening,


  2. infinitetattoos said,


    Thanks for your comment. I know the picture I have is a real henna. As I stated in my post the best way to know if it had the PPD in it is if the ink is black. Also most of the places that use the PPD ink are in Asia. So if you are not in Asia and wanting to get a henna tattoo you should be safe. Thanks again for the comment and for stopping by.

  3. jenna said,

    i think they are safe, they dont cause any scars!!

  4. Sienna said,

    thanks 4 the info about the black henna tattos!!! i was on a website and i was gonna buy the black stuff becaust i thought it looked cooler, but ive never seen it so i went to look at it. now i know im gonna go 4 the brown stuff 4 sure!! =]]

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