Baltimore Tattoo Museum

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I thought this was rather interesting as well as pretty cool. There is a tattoo parlor/studio/shop whatever your prefer to call them in Baltimore that not only is a museum but serves as a functioning tattoo facility. The tattoo studio goes by the same name as the Museum, Baltimore Tattoo Museum. The museum consists of historical photographs, as well as articles, and of course there are plenty of colorful tattoo drawings mounted on the walls. The museum wraps around the whole shop and starts with the earliest days of tattooing and ends with tattoos current presence in today’s world.

I think this is great mainly because there are a lot of tattoo shops out there. So an important thing to do if you are a tattoo shop owner is make sure that your shop is unique and stands out to people. So this shops neat idea of showcasing the history of tattoos can help educate people on the art of tattooing and where it came from. Which I think is a wonderful thing. After all if you have a question about something you have seen in the exhibit who better to ask than one of the tattoo artists.

So if you are in the Baltimore area and are a huge tattoo lover or are just interested in the history of tattooing be sure to stop by this unique tattoo shop. They are located at 1534 Eastern Avenue in Fells Point. Also I have heard that the staff is very friendly and helpful to anything you may need or want.

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