Crazy Fans Request

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Since today is Wednesday and I always do a celebrity post I thought I would go with the theme today and do another celebrity related tattoo post. This next topic I’m about to write about is a lot more common than one may think. I hear about things like this from time to time. Well Daniel Radcliffe the star of the Harry Potter movies was recently asked what were some of the craziest things fans have done to you. He answered it with saying some strange fan sent him some fake body parts. But the other thing he said was one fan asked if he could sign her wrist. Daniel happily did it and the girl later thanked him and said she was thinking of getting it tattooed on her wrist. Of course Daniel urges this girl not to go through with this tattoo.

This is my point I hear about people getting famous people to sign different parts of their body and then they rush off to a tattoo shop to get their autograph permanently tattooed on their body. I personally think this is rather silly and probably something that you would majorly regret over time. I mean come on if you think about it this person’s signature that you have permanently on your body will more than likely fall from fame. And later on down the road you will feel ridiculous for having their autograph tattooed on you. But if you really have your heart set on getting someone’s autograph tattooed on you make sure it is someone that will stand against time and will always be famous.

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