Why Did You Get Your Tattoo(s)

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I thought it would be kind of interesting to find out why people got tattoos. There are several reasons why one would want to get inked. For example, to mark a time in their life, to remember someone they have lost, to recognize a love you have for someone, to support some cause or just because. So what category do do fall into?

I personally fall into the to mark a time in my life category. I got my first tattoo on my 18th birthday to mark the occasion of me becoming an adult and being the legal age to get a tattoo. Then I got my second one on my 21st birthday to mark the occasion of being able to legally drink. I was planing on getting another one on my 25th birthday just because I think 25 is a milestone were you are really considered an adult. But that tattoo didn’t happen because of the way my hubby feels about them. However, I have been thinking about getting a certain tattoo to mark a milestone in my husband and I’s relationship, but I doubt that will ever happen because of the way he feels about it. I had jokingly said when I was 21 that I would get a new tattoo every 5 to 10 years to mark the different age milestones in my life. It’s funny how those plans can change.

So please feel free to share your reason’s why you have gotten your tattoos. I would love to hear people’s reasons.

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  1. delaney55 said,

    I got my first tattoo at the age of 50, partially to celebrate that and the freedom I felt in getting the tat. My next one I got this year at 53 and it is on the inside of my left wrist area. It is a butterfly with vines, a flower and my daughter’s name. It represents her transition from just my baby to a woman in her own right. It is on my left wrist because that is the side closest to my heart. She is my only daughter and my first born who I love with all my heart.

  2. infinitetattoos said,

    Thanks so much for sharing. That is really sweet.

  3. Mick said,

    I got my tattoos for the hell of it. They don’t mean shit and I’m not sentimental at all.

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