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What do you say when you child approaches you and ask you if they can get a tattoo? First and foremost you can’t really tell them no, because that you make you a hypocrite because you have one. First let me mention that I do not have children of my own, but when and if I do, I don’t think tattoos would be a problem with me. Now my husband on the other hand he would be the onenot to approve. However, I do understand that some parents even if they are tattooed that they may not want their child to get a tattoo. Just hear me out ok?

First of all when you child turns 18 they will probably want to do that same thing I did and run out and get a tattoo. But as a parent even if you are tattooed you may have mixed feelings about this one. For instance, you probably would not like for them to come home with a huge tattoo covering half of their body or coming home with a tattoo on their neck, face, hands, or some other very visible place. So this leads me to say does it make you a hypocrite if you have these feelings. I mean maybe you should tell them you have no problem with them getting a tattoo as long as it’s not huge, offensive and in a very noticeable place. Plus I don’t think we make the best of decisions when we are 18 years old anyways. I mean we have a lot of growing up to do and 9 times out of 10 things we liked or thought were cool when we were 18 look back on it when we are 25 and think what in the hell was I thinking.

So what do you think about this?

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  1. kaylee2 said,

    Umm an 18 that just did it lOL!

  2. delaney55 said,

    My kids both wanted tattoos as teenagers and I offered to take them to get on when they graduated high school, mostly so I could make sure that the shop was clean, sterile and had good artists and so that they won’t go totally crazy. Neither kid took me up on it and they are still tattoo less at ages 27 & 30. I on the other hand got my first tattoo at age 50 – go figure!

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