Is There A Time And A Place For Tattoos?

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The reason I bring this question up is because I was at a funeral over the weekend, my 5th funeral I have been to in a year, but that besides the point. Anyways there was this women there that had a fairly large tattoo on her lower arm, two fairly big tattoos on either side of her neck and one pretty big on her chest by her collar bone. For some unknown reason I felt that maybe she should have covered them up. I don’t really know why I felt this way because I am a tattoo lover and I don’t have a problem with them. But I feel and please understand this is my opinion so don’t write me hate comments. That when you are at a funeral or wedding or some other important function that your tattoo should be covered up is possible. Am I right to feel this way. I mean I know I have the right to feel any way I want, but I want to know if anyone else out there in the tattoo community feels this way too.

Is there really a time and a place that you should show off your tattoos? Or should people just get over the fact that you have them and mind their own business? So please don’t be shy and express to me how you feel about this subject. I would love to know if I’m the only one that feels this way.

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  1. delaney55 said,

    It depends on what you are wearing. A funeral is about saying goodbye and respecting the deceased. If you are wearing appropriate clothing then most tattoos will be covered up. If she was wearing something that was revealing then it was not appropriate whether she has tattoos or not. The ones by her neck might not be covered completely and that would be fine – she shouldn’t be expected to wear a turtleneck to cover up.

    Tattoos are a part of who we are but we also don’t need to be blatant about it like we are at a tattoo convention or something along that line. Discretion is still good manners.

  2. infinitetattoos said,

    Thanks for the comment. She had on a shirt sleeve shirt with her top few buttons unbuttoned. Which it was cool enough to wear a long sleeve shirt, so I kind feel she should have done that.

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