Tattoos Looked Upon Differently If You Are Famous

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Since I did a celebrity tattoo post yesterday about Pink and she has 25 tattoos that I know of, I thought I would bring this up. Do you think that society looks at rock-stars, athletes, and celebrities differently if they have tattoos than a regular person is looked at. I mean for instance, Pink had 25 tattoos or more and if she wasn’t a singer do you think people would view her as trashy? Or take David Beckham for example nearly half of his body is covered in tattoos but since he is a famous soccer star he isn’t bothered about them. And lastly the gorgeous Angelina Jolie, has several tattoos all over her body, would people view her as trashy if she wasn’t Angelina Jolie?

I hate to admit that I feel like since they are famous and have tons  of money that some people give them an free card to get tattoos and not be hounded about it. But we all know if David Beckham or even Tommy Lee wasn’t as famous as they are, they would more than likely be ridiculed about their tattoos and more than likely forced to cover them up. So I think this is just another great example of how people view people with tattoos. If it is ok for your child’s so called role model to be covered in tattoos and not get made fun of than what is the difference of us normal people having tattoos? I personally don’t think there is a difference except for the fact that their job doesn’t look down upon if they have a little or a lot of ink.

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  1. delaney55 said,

    I think that more main stream celebrities such as Beckham, Angelina, etc. are helping the cause for tattoos and not hurting it. Rockers have had tattoos since day one so it is the more “normal” celebs that are showing that tattoos don’t necessarily equate with “trashy”. The more main stream tattoos get the more acceptance we will see. Die hard haters will always be around, that is just a fact of life, but people having a tattoo here or there will become less shocking and that’s a good thing.

  2. Tattoo star said,

    There is no hate in people that don’t like tattoos. You cannot expect everybody thinks the way you do. Celebrities are used to being worshipped and hated, criticized or despised. They just don’t give a shit. That’s exactly what you have to do when you decide to get a tattoo. That’s the only rule; that’s should be the state of mind of a person who is going to get inked. I don’t give a shit if the world is full of hard tattoo haters, or if everybody loves me because I have got tattoos on my skin. There is no tattoo cause to be helped. Because I don’t give a shit!

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