People You Never Thought Had Tattoos

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I will admit that I personally fall into this category. When someone finds out that I have tattoos they don’t believe it because I don’t seem like the type that would have them. I really don’t know why people don’t except it maybe its because I’m not a wild and crazy person, I don’t drink, smoke and have never done drugs. I guess you could say I’m pretty straight laced. So when someone that knows me finds out about my ink it surprises them. Of course I guess there really isn’t a certain type of person that has tattoos because so many different people on the earth have them and they come from different backgrounds, cultures and races. But when it comes to an individual bases I guess there are some people that don’t seem like the tattoo type.

For instance, I just find out recently that my husband’s old boss has a tattoo. Now this guy is definitely a person you would never think to have a tattoo. He is very strict, by the book, orderly, do it right the first time kind of person. And it came as a surprise to us when we discovered he had a tattoo. And even more interesting is that he is not ashamed to show it off but more so scared of what people will think of him because he has a pretty high up corporate position.

So I guess it just goes to show that any body could have some ink hidden on their body.

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