Tattoos Help Identify Man

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I will admit the title of this post is a little misleading, but that’s not really the point. The point of this post is there was a man several counties over from where I live found murdered in the woods with no identification on him. Police have search high and low for any leads to help identify this man. The only thing they had to go with were his three fairly unique tattoos that he has. So this just goes to show that your body art not only expresses you as a person but if can help your family members help find you if you are lost or missing. Sadly I haven’t heard anything else about this case but police are hoping that someone will recognize this mans tattoos and be able to help identify this man.  

So parents that have a problem with tattoos maybe you should take this as a lesson learned. If you were to allow your child to get a tattoo or more than one tattoo. And if for some unforsaken reason if they were to go missing you are armed with these identifiable marks on your child’s body to help the authorities to find them. So keep this in the back of your mind when your child approaches you about getting some ink on their body. You honestlynever know, that ink on their body could help you find them one day or help save their life. So all you tattoo haters out there, please keep this in your mind tattoos are not all evil they can actually help a family have closure on an unfortunate event.

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