Tattoos In The White House

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Before you get all worried I’m not going to talk about politics or the up incoming election, this is not the blog for that. I ran across a quote from Pete Wentz of Fall Out Boy and thought it was relevant to this tattoo blog. I guess when Pete was a youngster he expressed some kind of interest in becoming the president or involved in politics like some many young children do. Well it seems that Pete’s mother has squashed his dreams of every becoming the president simply because he has too many tattoos. But Pete isn’t too worried about his tattoos he says, “I could never pursue a career in politics. I’ve been involved in far too many scandals.” 

But Pete did make a really good point about tattoos being in the White House. Here is what he said.

“Isn’t that an irony, though, now that so many of our generation have tattoos? A tattooed person will end up in office one day, mark my words. Not necessarily at a presidential level, but there will be people with tattoos in the administration.”

I hate to burst Pete’s bubble but I guarantee there is someone on the staff at the White House that indeed has a tattoo and if no one there currently has a tattoo, I’m sure there has been presidents and other personnel there that has a tattoo or two. But I think Pete was more so talking about people being covered in tattoos like him. Either way it just goes to show that tattoos are still looked down upon. Maybe if there was a president in the White House that had tattoos and was open about it the perception of tattoos would change. But who am I kidding? I think there will always be some kind of negativity attached to tattoos.

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  1. delaney55 said,

    If the younger generations follow suit and get tattoos then eventually all levels of corporate America and political venues will eventually have to have individuals with tattoos. It my not happen with my children’s generation but maybe by the time their kids (which we don’t have yet) are in their 30’s. Sooner or later tattoos will not even be an issue.

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