There Is A New Record For Tattooing

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A tattoo artist in Tyler Texas decided to try and attempt to beat the Guinness World Records of giving the most tattoos in one day. Derek Kastning, who is a tattoo artist at Rat-a-Tac-Tat Tattoos started to attempt his goal of breaking the tattooing record at 1 P.M. on October 25. His only concern about beating the world record was that he would run out of people to tattoo during the 24 hour time frame. Surprisingly, he did not have this problem as hundreds of people waited in line outside the building to be part of this great tattooing event. When midnight rolled around they realized they had already beaten the record but wanted to keep going. So at 1 P.M on October 26, Derek Kastning tattooed his last tattoo making the new tattooing world record of 726 tattoos in a 24 hour period.

I think this is so cool and how awesome it is for those people who were able to get tattooed during that 24 hour time frame. Although I bet that guys arms, hands, neck and every other muscle in his body ached when he was done at the end of the day. Anyways I just thought this was pretty neat and wanted to share this with all of my fellow tattoo lovers out there. I wonder if this guy gave some sort of discount or something for the people who helped him achieve this awesome goal? If not, I think he should have, after all he wouldn’t have been able to do it without willing participates to tattoo.

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  1. delaney55 said,

    I think they do a predetermined tattoo on everyone and they charge a discount amount for it since he is doing it fast and all the people have the same tattoo. I know that is what they did when Kat Von D broke the record that her ex-husband then broke a few months later. She tattooed the LA Ink symbol on everyone.

  2. Micah said,

    They had a predetermined size for the tat to be but basically the design was up to Derek. He beat the record of 415 at midnight and decided to keep plugging on with it. He took a few breaks during that 24 hours, but they didn’t really last that long. Who knows what he’s going to try for next, but it’s definately going to be, as he says, “Off the chain”. We’re all proud of Derek and I personally am proud to call him one of my best friend’s and am honored that he let me take part in this event. I got to get the last tat he did that day and to keep it original, as he trys to do with all his work, he threw his signature and the record number on it for me. So to Derek, thanks buddy…..looking forward to the next crazy thing we find ourselves getting into.

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