Tattoos And Pregnancy Part 2

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Alright I know I covered this yesterday but since I am on the topic of tattoos and pregnancy I thought this would be as good of time as any to talk more about tattoos on the stomach. I mean we all know what happens to your stomach when you get pregnant. It stretches and gets really big, so naturally your tattoo is going to stretch and get bigger as well. The one question I want to know is….will your tattoo go back down to regular size after you have had the baby and lost all the baby weight?

I have researched his topic and have found that it really depends on the person. It seems that different women have different results when it comes to their stomach tattoos. For instance, some say that after they have lost their baby weight the tattoo goes back to normal. While others say their tattoo faded a bit and stretched out a little. So I guess it really depends on how much weight you gain and how much your stomach stretches. But to be on the safe side when you are younger just try to refrain from getting a tattoo on your stomach or in any area that maybe affected if you become pregnant. However, if you find youself having a brain fart when getting a tattoo and get one on your stomach anyways, I have heard that some mothers keep their stomaches very moisturized and that seems to help with the stretching of the tattoo.

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  1. delaney55 said,

    Moisturizing is key during pregnancy whether or not you have a tattoo on your stomach area to ensure that you will have less visible stretch marks. It works.

    Ashley, stop over at my site and see the Meme I tagged you with…if you would like to of course. 🙂

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