Encourage Others To Get Tattoos

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Getting a tattoo can be a great experience if you do it properly, but not thinking things through and just getting ink for the heck of it is not the best idea. If you truly want a tattoo you need to do your research like you would with anything and tattoos are no different. I for one being a tattooed person love to encourage non-tattooed people to go out and get inked, if it is something that they truly want to do. I also find great pleasure in being able to educate them on tattooing and things you should be concerned about.

First and foremost DO NOT get inked if you have been drinking. The rule of thumb is not to have any alcohol or drugs in your system when getting tattooed. The reason being it can alter the tattoos appearance and drinking thins your blood which means you will bleed more. Secondly, the sun is not your friend when it comes to getting fresh ink. You must stay out of the sun until your tattoo has fully healed, which usually is about two weeks. Also be 150% sure you want the tattoo design you have picked out. Another huge tip that people tend not to follow is go small. Trust me you don’t want to end up like me and 8 years later after getting a tattoo feel it is way too big.

If you have always wanted to get a tattoo for whatever reason. I say what better time than now! Muster up some courage and go to your local tattoo studio and get that ink you have always wanted. But please take the few suggestions above to heart. You honestly have to live with this tattoo decision for the rest of your life.

Your Tattoo Friend


Here are some great Tattoo Designs you can check out!


  1. hannah said,

    realy hot tattoo for u

  2. delaney55 said,

    You forgot to mention in your research to check out the Tattoo artist and make sure that they are good and can do the design you want and that they are willing to work with you on your design.

    Just walking in and getting a tattoo, even if is the type of design you had in mind, can still get you in trouble. My first tat was horrible and I was a walk-in and had not talked to the artist and he was a bad one and pretty uninterested in doing my tat. He was more interested in getting done and going to lunch.

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