How Much To Tip A Tattoo Artist

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A lot of people are not aware of the fact that you should indeed tip your tattoo artist. This is something that is not really advertised or talked about and unfortunately a lot of people are not ware of this, so many tattoo artists do go without getting tipped after tattooing someone. So if you are getting a new tattoo don’t forget to tip your tattoo artist. If you do not have any extra money explain this to them and try and stop by at another time and drop a little something off for them. Tattoo artist are like waitress, they rely on their tips to pay their bills. A tattoo artist is only paid a percentage of what you pay for the tattoo.

When it comes to tipping a tattoo artist the rule of thumb is to tip them anywhere from 10-20%. Of course you can be the judge on which percentage to tip them. If they did a great job with your tattoo, you were greeted when you walked in and they people there were helpful, and the artist was friendly and was willing to work with you then you should tip closer to 20%. But if you feel that they tattoo was done well but the people there were not very friendly, then tip 10%. But always always, leave a little something for the artist no matter how small of amount it maybe. Also no matter how small of a tattoo you get or if your tattoo only takes 10 minutes, you still need to leave something.

So when you are budgeting some money to get a tattoo besure to set a side something extra for a tip.

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