It’s Ok To Make A Tattoo Mistake

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We are all human and we all make mistakes because no one is perfect. So do not beat yourself up if you have made a tattoo mistake, because more people than you think are in the same boat as you. For instance, Angeline Jolie has made her fair share of tattoo mistakes. We all know about her infamous “Billy Bob” tattoo that was on her arm. Well after they divorced she got his name and that dragon lasered off of her arm.  Where that horrible tattoo once was are now the coordinates to where all six of her children were born. She has also gotten five other tattoos covered up by new tattoos.

If you find yourself regretting or wishing you had never gotten that tattoo you got, just think if Angelina Jolie can make more than one tattoo mistake than it is more than ok that I did. But to ensure that you do not make a tattoo mistake, there are a few things you should think about. First, don’t get a someones name tattooed on you unless it is a child’s name, your name, a pets name or a family members name. The reason for this is no matter how many laser removal sessions you go through you will still be able to faintly see that tattoo. Also be sure not to pick something childish out or something that might be a fad at the time. And the best advice to avoiding a tattoo mistake is by not being intoxicated when getting a tattoo. Also don’t go out and get a tattoo for the sake of getting a tattoo, you need to put some thought into it.

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  1. g-golding said,

    when i was 16 i got the tattoo angelina jolie has at the bottom of her back, two trible shapes bottom left and bottom right. now i hate it. i know she has covered hers up with a big tattoo of a dragon but i want to change mine to something less big. any ideas?

    • Ashley said,

      They only advice I have is to either spend thousands of dollars to have it removed or try and cover it up with another tattoo. Stop by your local tattoo shop and ask one of the tattoo artist and see what they say.

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