Why Tattoo Artists Have So Many Tattoos

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One may wonder why so many tattoo artists have so many tattoos. More importantly, if they didn’t have so many tattoos you should probably be worried. Tattoos and tattooing is a true art form. If you sit down to get inked and the person who is giving you the tattoo doesn’t have hardly any tattoos, I would rethink them giving you a tattoo. It’s like taking parenting advise from someone who doesn’t have a child, they really don’t know what they are talking about because they don’t have children.  Plus if you have any questions about how much it hurts or how likely the tattoo is to fade they can answer from personal experience and from clients experience.

The main reason your tattoo artist is covered in tattoos is that they are truly fascinated with the art of tattooing and quit frankly they are addicted to it. We all know when you are addicted to something that is easily accessible you are more likely to get and or use more of it and tattooing is no different. Also, being in the tattooing profession you more than likely don’t have to pay for your tattoos. Either you do them on yourself or you have other artist in your studio do them and you return the favor to them. So when you have the most important obstacle out of the way which is the money factor and then the accessibility factor why wouldn’t you be covered in them. Also you never have to worry about tattoo’s effecting your job because tattoos are your job.

So the next time you see someone covered in tattoos before you judge them take in consideration that they might be a tattoo artist and tattooing is their job. It’s no different from you informing people of your skills and capabilities because their tattoos are doing that for them. Sometimes you just have to think outside of the box and not always look down upon someone just because they are a little different.

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  1. delaney55 said,

    That’s like:

    “Never trust a skinny cook” or “don’t get your hair done if the beautician’s hair sucks.”

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