Celebrity Tattoos: Justin Timberlake

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The very talented and entertaining Justin Timberlake is no stranger to the tattoo gun. Justin has quite a few tattoos of his own, his most recognizable is probably his cross tattoo on his upper left shoulder. Believe it or not Justin has a total of seven tattoos.

Below is a list of all seven.

1. A cross on his upper left shoulder

2. Chinese character for “Music” or “Song” close to his ankle

3.An astral Aquarius band that wraps around his calf

4. His initials around his ankle

5. The NSYNC flame around his ankle which he later added red ropes in front of them

6. A marionette of himself from No Stings Attacked which is on the same ankle as the other NSYNC tattoos.

7. A Guardian angel on his upper back . the angel holds a banner which bares his mother’s initials on the banner and the word Guardian is written above the tattoo.

Justin’s mother whom he is very close to doesn’t really like all of her son’s tattoos and asked him to stop getting them. But just like any child he didn’t really listen to his mother. However, Justin has vowed that the last tattoo he would every get is the initials of his wife. Which may or may not be such a good idea, because we all know how Hollywood marriages usually end up, in a divorce.

Also it seems that Justin’s cross tattoo has inspired quite a few men to go out and get the very same tattoo in the very same place. Could this just be a coincidence or did these men actually go out and get this tattoo because of Justin?

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  1. Carrie Burrows said,

    That cross on his arm looks lopsided.

  2. JT said,

    why lopsided? I like it

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