Do Tattoos Have A Controling Power

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If you are a person with tattoos you know all too well about the power of tattoos. This may sound a bit silly to non-tattooed people but it is true. Once you have been bitten by the tattoo bug it is hard not to scratch that itch and get more than one tattoo, thus resulting in so many people having several tattoos. Of course there are some people that tend to go a bit overboard with the tattoos, but the God’s honest truth is that they do have some sort of controlling power over people.

If you do not want to be bitten by this bug I recommend that you don’t get a tattoo in the first place. They are highly additive and once you have one you will want another and probably another and another. Surprisingly, enough if you talk about tattoos on a regular basis or just talk to people about tattoos or see someone with a new tattoo it sparks the desire to get another tattoo. This strange phenomena can not really be explained. It might have something to do with the natural high and rush one experiences when getting a tattoo and some enjoy the pain that is related with getting a tattoo. Whatever, the reason is the controlling power of a tattoo is extremely hard to resit. So if you want a tattoo be prepared for having the desire to get more than one. You honestly have to have a very strong will power not to succumb to the powers of the tattoo.

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  1. Carrie Burrows said,

    I like Janine =D

  2. delaney55 said,

    I absolutely love tattoos. I have a tattoo blog for women and I collect tattoo photos. I have 2 tats and want my 3rd for my birthday coming up. If I got all of the ones I want, I would be covered. Yes, they are addicting and interesting.

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