So Your Child Wants A Tattoo

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Lets face it, for some parents their worst nightmare is that their child wants to get a tattoo or simply just comes home with one, without asking or telling they were going to do so. But don’t fear parents, your child could have done something completely worse than getting a tattoo. If you do not approve of tattoos than there are a few steps that you can take to hopefully ensure they don’t get one.

For one, you can use the old reverse psychology on them and tell them that they can get one and that it doesn’t bother you. Because we all know that children tend to want to do things that their parents do not approve of, so if you tell them they can have one, they might not want one. Of course this method will not work on all children and it’s not guaranteed to work. Another step you can take is simply, tell them that while they are living under your roof they can not get a tattoo. Of course they could disobey this as well. So your best bet is to compromise with them. Maybe suggest that they can get a tattoo but you have to approve the design and size of it. This way you might be able to help your child not get something they would regret later on in life. Also tell them you want to go to the tattoo studio with them when they get it. Believe it or not this would be a great bonding time between you and your child.

Lets face it parents, if you don’t want your child to get a tattoo and they are of age and they really want one, chances are they are going to get one no matter what you say. So try to be open with them about tattoos and make it a positive thing in you and your child’s life. Believe it or not they will keep that memory with them forever that you were involved with their tattoo experiences.

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