Disadvantages Of Having A Tattoo

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Unfortunately in today’s society there are a lot of disadvantages of having a tattoo and the disadvantages seem to out weigh the advantages. The number one disadvantage of having a tattoo is that people will look down upon you and think less of you. Also people may think that you are trashy, unattractive and up to no good. Sadly, having a tattoo doesn’t mean any of this but negativity towards tattoos has not progressed as society has.

Another really big disadvantage of having a tattoo is regretting getting it in the first place or out growing it later in life and wishing you hadn’t of gotten the design you did. Or not getting a tattoo from a very skilled tattoo artist and having to live with a not so great quality tattoo. On a more serious note you can get Hepatitis from getting a tattoo from an unclean parlor and with unclean equipment. But this rarely happens. Also some but not many people are allergic the the tattoo ink. Also another disadvantage to having a tattoo is not being able to give blood for a year. Some states don’t require a one year waiting period while others do. You just have to see if your state follows this rule. Another problem with tattoos is there has been some studies conducted say if you have tattoos and have to get an MRI it can cause some problems. There hasn’t really been any major evidence gathered regarding this but apparently some people that have gotten an MRI and had tattoos has an reaction. Their tattoo got all red, hot and inflamed.

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