Neck And Face Tattoos Still Taboo

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It is pretty apparent that you can literally get a tattoo anywhere on your body, but there seems to be a few places that are still considered a little more taboo than others. For example, the first thing that will go through your mind when you see someone with a face, neck, or hand tattoo is, “Oh my god!” And of course your opinion of that person will more than likely not be a good one. The truth of the matter is just because a person has a tattoo on their face, neck or hands doesn’t mean they are a bad person. Yes it is a little bit of a shocker, but you have to realize that was their choice to do that and you shouldn’t judge them on that.

Sadly, in today’s time even though the tattoos are becoming more mainstream and little more acceptable having a face, neck or hand tattoo is still considered very taboo. Holly Brewer who is in a Boston gypsy-punk band, has a very noticeable face tattoo and says, ” The idea of having a tattoo, especially on the face, isn’t socially accepted as pretty. It’s treated as an ugly blemish, like, ‘Why the hell would you do that?’ ” Holly pretty much hits the nail on the head. Most people do not think of tattoos as a nice piece of art work that adds character to you. A lot of people’s opinions are that tattoos are a disgrace to your body and that you shouldn’t ink something into your skin that takes the beauty away from you.  But like the old saying goes, Beauty is only skin deep. So it shouldn’t matter if you have hundreds of tattoos or none. You are pretty no matter what.

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