Tattoo Sterotypes

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Even though tattoos have grown in popularity through the years there are still plenty of people out there that have negative things to say about tattoos. There are several incorrect tattoo stereotypes out there. People need to learn that just because someone has a tattoo it doesn’t mean they are trashy and do not make good decisions.

The most common tattoo stereotype for a man with tattoos is that he is a wild reckless, criminal or biker. A woman on the other hand is considered to be trashy and or a biker chick. A lot of people view tattoos on a woman as a horrible blemish you can never get to go away and that a woman should never deface their beautiful body with a tattoo.The number one misconception about woman with tattoos is that they may not have much self respect for themselves. Woman also have to deal with the “Tramp Stamp” label (which is a tattoo on a woman’s lower back). Of course none of these negative stereotypes are usually true. But there are always expectations to the rule for both sexes.

There are numerous well respected wealthy people out there with tattoos. Yes even doctors, lawyers, and other very professional people sport tattoos. Just because you display a little bit of body art does not mean you are a horrible wild and crazy up to no good person. Society needs to reprogram itself when it comes to tattoos. Just because someone has a little bit of body art it doesn’t mean that they are shady or trashy. You never know someone with a tattoo could end up saving your life one day.

Your Tattoo Friend


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