Are Tattoo Parlor’s Bad For A Town’s Image

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Once again people seem to be hung up on the negative side of tattoos, instead of looking at them as a form of art and self expression. A councilmen in Ralston city is causing a stink about a tattoo parlor that has just opened in the downtown area, claiming that it hurts the cities image and is actually fighting to get the tattoo parlor closed. Some citizens even went as far as signing a petition to get the tattoo parlor closed and writing letters to the mayor of the city. The unhappy citizens asked the mayor, “why would the city of Papillion want to ruin the downtown atmosphere with a business like a tattoo place?” This just goes to show how ignorant people are about the wonderful world of tattooing.

A tattoo parlor is not a bad place of business. They pay their taxes just like any other business so they are not taking money away from the city. They are simply just suppling a service to the citizens of the city that want to be tattooed. According to the owner of Dr. Jack’s Ink Emporium Tattoos business has been very well and actually picked up during the holidays. So there is obviously a need for a tattoo parlor in that particular area.

People need to stop judging the tattoo community and thinking they are bad influences and up to know good. Some very well known respected people have tattoos. All it is is a little ink on your skin. That doesn’t make you a horrible person. Just because someone has a tattoo or two doesn’t mean they are going to lie, cheat, steal and murder. Wake up and smell the coffee, it is the year 2009. Tattoos are not as taboo as they once were!

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  1. Dr Jack said,

    Thank you for your support!

  2. Tattoo Parlors in NY State said,

    […] Are Tattoo Parlor’s Bad For A Town’s Image? […]

  3. Jordan said,


    We’ve just had a new parlour open in my city, and I serioulsy thought it was boutique clothes store! It has an amazing interior and I thought it was jsut waiting for some clothes. But no, its a tattoo parlour! So no, I don’t think that there is much problem with having a tattoo parlour, but it is a large part of maori tradition here in new zealand

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