Anything Goes In The Tattoo World

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Anything goes in the tattoo world when it comes to getting some fresh ink. The possibilities of tattoo designs are literally limitless. Anything you can possibly dream up can be transformed into a tattoo. However, there are some restrictions on certain tattoos. These tattoos are not necessarily forbidden or outlawed but if the tattoo artist feels uncomfortable giving a certain tattoo and feels it isn’t right they have the right to turn you down and simply say no.

For instance, if someone walked into a tattoo parlor and demanded to get a swastika or something other very offensive symbol. The tattoo artist has every right to turn that customers request down and to ask them to leave. Also a lot of tattoo artist do not want to tattoo gang symbols on people. This usually isn’t a problem because gang members seem to have their very own private tattoo artist that is affiliated with the gang do them. Another great example of a tattoo request that will most likely get turned down is anything that has to do with racism or hate. Tattoo artist take a lot of pride in their work and tattooing something hateful and ignorant on someone may not fly well with them.

As long as you do not ask your tattoo artist to tattoo something hateful and racist on your body you shouldn’t have a problem with them turning your tattoo request down. One thing you need to keep in mind is never be a closer customer. Which is a customer that walks in just before closing as wants to get a tattoo done. This will make your tattoo artist very angry and they may turn you down all together or ask you to come back the next day.

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  1. delaney55 said,

    My artist won’t do gang related or racist tats. He also prefers to not tattoo on the face or hands. Other than that he is pretty much up to anything except he hates to do tribal tats since he thinks they are boring though he will do them.

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