The Risks Of Getting A Tattoo

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Unfortunately, there are some risks of getting a tattoo and the risks are no laughing matter. All of the risks that are involved with getting a tattoo can be very serious if not fatal. But this should not stop you from getting a tattoo because if you visit a clean well known tattoo parlor you will be safe and not have to worry about any of these risks. The risks of getting a tattoo is that you can contract Hepatitis B or C, HIV, AIDS or get some kind of infection. There is also the possibility that you may have an allergic reaction to the tattoo ink, which you should seek the help of a doctor immediately if that should happen.

However, the likelihood of you ever contracting any of these disease is pretty slim to none if you use a tattoo parlor that follows all the latest health requirements and if they use clean equipment. The main reason someone contracts any one of these diseases is due to unclean equipment. Always make sure your tattoo artist opens a new, fresh needle in front of you and make sure you can see an autoclave somewhere in the shop. The autoclave sterilizes and cleans the tattoo equipment. Also pay close attention to the artist and make sure the have on disposable gloves when tattooing you. Another great thing to look for is to make sure the artist is using fresh ink when doing your tattoo. Most of the time they will empty a certain amount of ink out of a big bottle into a much smaller one. The key is to make sure everything that they are using is new, fresh and clean and has never touched anyone else’s skin before.

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