Things You Should Not Do At A Tattoo Parlor

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There really are not a lot of things you need to be careful about when in a tattoo parlor or tattoo studio, which ever your prefer. Nine times out of ten the guys or girls that work there as a tattoo artist are very laid back easy going people. But there are a few things you should try to stay clear from to make your tattoo experience a little more pleasurable.

For starters you do not want to come off as cocky and arrogant, like you know more about tattooing and what not than the tattoo artist does. Another important thing to keep in mind is never be a closer customer. Tattoo artist hate this more than anything. The last thing you want is your tattoo artist to be in a bad mood when they are tattooing you. Also never ever try to get the tattoo artist to lower their price. This is a huge insult and you will more than likely not be successful at the attempt, so just stay away from the idea altogether. If you are worried about the cost of the tattoo ask someone you are close to, to get you a gift card to your favorite tattoo studio to help pay for your tattoo. Lastly, before you leave the tattoo studio you want to make sure that you give a tip to your artist. The standard tip percentage is 15% to 20%. Tattoo artist are kind of like waiters they only make a portions of what the tattoo cost, so they rely on tips from customers.

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  1. Bridgette said,

    I have found that my artist appreciates it when I give him creative license with my ideas. After all it is his art work I want on me. He puts his soul into each piece with this and i come away with art work not just a tattoo. In Wichita KS T-rav and Matt at point blank Tattoo are the best! T-rav does portrait on realism and matt does everything else. They are awesome.

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