Most Common Tattoo Questions

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When it comes to getting a tattoo there are several common questions that everyone wants to know. No question is stupid if you truly do not know the answer to it. Below is a list of the most common questions people ask when thinking about getting a tattoo and the answers to those questions.

Q. Does it hurt?
A. Yes, getting a tattoo does hurt. Of course it all depends where on your body you are getting your tattoo and how bad it will hurt. Also everyone has a different pain tolerance so one person may say it didn’t hurt too bad while another one will disagree. Some of the most painful places to get a tattoo are on your feet, shines, elbows, the outside of your ankle, chest, ribcage and anywhere on your spine.

Q. Is it expensive?
A. It can get expensive depending on how big your tattoo is and how much detail is involved. A typical tattoo will start out at $50 and go up from there. If you are worried about money keep your tattoo design small.

Q. Which color ink is better?
A. The color of the tattoo ink is purely a self preference. Some prefer black ink while others prefer color ink.

Q. How much care does a tattoo require?
A. A tattoo doesn’t require too much care but there are some things that you need to do for your tattoo. First of all you need to make sure you put your neosporin on your tattoo at least twice a day when you first get it and do not put lotion on it until it has completely healed. Also stay out away from the pool, ocean or taking a bath, submerging your tattoo in water is a big no no. Also stay out of the sun when you first get your tat. After it has healed be sure to put a sunblock of 45 or higher on it. This keeps it from fading and looking newer longer.

Q. Should you tip the artist?
A. Absolutely. Tip them some where between 15% to 20%

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  1. Sam said,

    Just a quick question, is there a certain way text tattoos go on the body.
    For example if there is a text tattoo on a persons arm.

    Should the text be readable when the arm is hanging down and not upside down
    should the text be readable to the person with the tattoo when the arm is down and upside down to others who look at it.

    thanks for reading!

    • Ashley said,

      It’s really up to you. After all it is your tattoo. The best person to ask would be your tattoo artist. I don’t have any text tattoos so I don’t really know.

  2. Leah said,

    Hi Ashley,

    I am in the process or will be to get my vagina tattooed. Something that sculpts the shape of my body and is fitting for me. I want it to be sexy, feminine looking, but not over the top danty (no butterflies, etc). Any ideas? I’ve looked at multiple tattoos, but cannot find any for the pussy area. Any direction at this time will be helpful.


    • Ashley said,

      I’m sorry I don’t have any ideas. Talking to a tattoo artist would probably be the best advise I could give you.

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