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More people than you think are fascinated with the tattoo world and what makes people with numerous tattoos tick. The truth of the matter is people who are involved with the tattoo world or are a tattoo artist themselves are just like everyone else in the world. However, tattoo artist tend to be a little more laid back, easy going and more carefree than other people. You most certainly should not be afraid of them. Yes their numerous tattoos can be a little intimidating but once you get past that you realize they are just like you.

The best piece of advice to give a person that does not get or understand the whole tattoo thing is to take them to a tattoo parlor or studio and let them see for themselves. Another option would be to make them watch an episode of Miami Ink or LA Ink, preferably one of each because each tattoo parlor is very different. This way they will get a first hand look at what tattoo artist are really like and find out they are human just like the rest of us. They will also discover that they too have their own problems and most importantly they truly are devoted to their work. Also they will get a better understanding to why people get tattoos and what their tattoos mean to them. Watching these two shows will also help a tattoo lover to know if a particular place on their body will hurt by seeing other people get tattoos in the same place. It can also educate you on the tattoo world and the art of tattooing itself.

Your Tattoo Friend


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  1. delaney55 said,

    Those shows help newbies to understand the reasoning behind the people getting the tattoos while on the show, but most tattoo artists hate these shows.

  2. Rob said,

    Tattoo artists do absolutely hate these shows as they portray a false representation. They make it seem like every tattoo has a huge meaning behind it. In the tattoo community this is true less often than more often. The producers of the show would rather show footage of a person getting a 1 inch by 1 inch puzzle piece that takes 15 minutes rather than a large beautiful tattoo because the puzzle piece has some meaningful story and the beautiful tattoo does not. Most people int he tattoo comunity are against the notion that all tattoos must have a meaning. They’re not against tattoos having meaning, just don’t think they always have to. In my opinion as well, it’s more important a tattoo looks really nice than has a meaning at all. I have several tattoos that mean a lot, a mother tattoo with a WWII nurse, a coffin with a candle in it for my dead father, a gold tooth for my gold tooth, a broken femur as I broke my femur in an accident 2 years ago, a few more that have direct and literal meanings… But I also have plenty that just look nice and are the style of my choice, an anchor, diamonds, an owl, etc… But, the tattoos that don’t have any particular meaning gain one when you get it.. Because I can remember every tattoo I got, who did it, when it was, what friends of mine were in the shop, the fun time I had in the shop that day… They are represent memories and good times. I have too many tattoos to regret any single one now and I will never regret them not having a meaning.. Meanings change.. I was very religious as a young teenager… It would probably have seemed like an infallible idea for me to get a cross or some other religious tattoo at some point.. Well I became an atheist. A religious tattoo is something I truly would regret and would have had a lot of meaning.. And also, not getting a tattoo for someone who died doesen’t mean you love them any less. If tattoos aren’t for someone they shouldn’t get one just because there seems to be a reason.

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