Underage Tattooing And At Home Tattooing

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The tattooing business is a very serious business. Not anyone can just sit down and fire up the tattoo gun and just “draw” on your skin. There is a lot of training and knowledge involved in the tattoo process. Sadly, there has been several people caught recently for operating at home tattoo parlors and for people tattooing underage children. Several people may not think that getting a tattoo underage is all that bad, but there are reasons for why the law states you have to be 18 years old to receive a tattoo and there are countless reasons to why you should not get a tattoo at someone’s house.

First off the main reason a lot of places make the legal age of tattooing 18 is because your body is still growing and your skin is still stretching so you might end up with a distorted tattoo. Also children under the age of 18 are not capable of making a wise decision regarding which tattoo design they are going to live with for the rest of their life. Teenagers are notorious for changing their minds every second of the day.

As far as the tattooing out of your home there are a lot of very serious reasons why this is bad. For one they more than likely do not have the proper cleaning equipment such as an autoclave to sterilize the tattoo equipment. Also tattooing is a lot harder than one may think. Tattoo artist are trained on how far in the skin they are suppose to penetrate when tattooing. If they don’t go far enough into the skin the tattoo could literally disappear over time or they could go too deep into the skin causes infection and other serious problems.

The best thing to do is wait until you are of legal age and go to an established tattoo parlor that actually has a place of business.

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  2. Rob said,

    Infection is not the only problem with going too deep with a tattoo. As you know the ink is encapsulated in the dermis. Too shallow and it will be rubbed away with your top layers of skin, but if it’s deeper than the dermis it doesen’t get encapsulated and your body absorbs the ink and the tattoo will fade. So in my opinion, fading is the most serious problem with tattooing too deep.

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