Traditional Tattoos

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It is pretty safe to say that there is literally an endless amount of possibilities when it comes to tattoos. Basically, if you can think it up a tattoo artist and draw it up and tattoo that design on you. However, over the years of tattooing there have been some tattoos that are referred to as traditional tattoos or old school tattoos by tattoo artists. These tattoos are tattoos that were made popular by sailors, servicemen and bikers back in the day. These old school or traditional tattoos are not as popular as they once were, but they are slowing starting to make their way back into the “trendy” tattoo department.

A list of tradtional or old school tattoos are as follows:

1. Cherry tattoos

2. Nautical star tattoos

3. Native American tattoos

4. Naked mermaid tattoos

5. Swallow and sparrow tattoos

6. Pin up girl tattoos

7. Heart tattoos

8. Harley Davidson symbol tattoos

9. Anchor tattoos

10. Eagle tattoos

11. Fish tattoos

12. Dagger tattoos

13. Dagger tattoos

14. Water tattoos

15. The good old MOM tattoo inside a heart tattoo

The traditional tattoos back in the day were almost always in black ink, due to the fact that there really wasn’t much color ink to choose from back them. Of course people who dawn traditional tattoos now a days have a lot more color in them because of the advances in the tattoo ink. Also traditional tattoos are very simple and straight forward without a lot of detail. The men back in those days also liked to get one or two word phrases tattooed above or below their tattoo. For instance they would get Homeward, Busted, MOM, parents names and lover’s names.

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