How Tattoos Came About

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There has been some argument about how long tattooing has actually been around. Some claim they have been around for 6,000 years while others say 5,000 years. One thing is for sure, experts can be certain that tattoos have been around for at least 3,000 years. They have come to this conclusion because way back in Egypt when Pharaohs were ruling there was evidence of tattooing.

The fact of the matter is tattooing was more than likely discovered by accident. Some claim that some person probably had a wound of some kind and wiped the wound with a dirty hand that was more than likely covered in soot or ash from making a fire. Thus when the wound healed a black mark stayed on the skin. Which ultimately resulted in the first concept of the tattoo. However, it is rather hard to nail down history of the tattoo and early practices of that act of tattooing because not that many cases were recorded  throughout history.

Throughout the tattoos lifespan it has been categorized as a symbol of pride as well as a symbol of shame. Different cultures and religious look upon tattooing in varies ways. For some it represents, strength or courage. While others wear them for spiritual reasons and other dawn them for protection. Here in America when tattoos first caught on they  were most worn  by sailors, criminals, bikers and no good hoodlums. However, as time as progressed more and more people are looking at tattoos as a positive thing and treats them like the true artwork that they are. In today’s time, tattoos are only used for fun and a form of self expression.

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