Tattoo Dos

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Everyday several people decide to get a tattoo and everyday several people act on that decision and go out and get some fresh ink. However, there are a few very good tips and tattoo dos you need to be aware before you commit to a lifetime of a tattoo. The most important thing you need to be reminded of is, that tattoo is going to be with you forever. If you have any once of doubt that you may regret it one day. It’s best to stay away from the tattoo parlor and stick to temporary tattoos.

Below is a list of tattoo dos:

  • Choose a facility wisely: You want to make sure the tattoo parlor or studio  is reputable and licensed to perform these procedures.
  • Keep things simple: Don’t go overboard when deciding on a tattoo. The best rule of thumb to follow is keep it small and simple. A small tattoo or one with two or three colors is the easiest to remove, as well as conceal.
  • Choose the right location: The best piece of advice is to get a tattoo in an area that can be covered up on a daily basis with your clothes. Also choosing the right place ti get tattooed always helps in the event you decide to get it removed. Tattoos that are done in unusual and sensitive places tend to scar a lot more.
  • Remember what’s “hot” today may not be tomorrow: Today, the latest tattoo fads might be tribal, traditional or Asian tattoos, but a year or two down the road the trends are likely to be something completely different. So keep this in mind and don’t get something too trendy. If you get a design that is meaningful to you, you shouldn’t have a problem.

Your Tattoo Friend


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