Getting A Tattoo While Breastfeeding

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For some reason there is a lot of controversy about woman getting tattoos while they are pregnant as well as breastfeeding. However, these so called people have every reason to be concerned about woman getting tattoos while pregnant. That is definitely not a safe practice. A well respect good tattoo artist will never knowingly tattoos a pregnant woman. So if you are not showing and know that you are pregnant do not weasel your way into making a tattoo artist give you a tattoo.

Now when it comes to wanting a tattoo to mark this incredible special moment in your life there are a few things you should know. A lot of people say it is just as dangerous getting a tattoo while you are breastfeeding as it is if you are pregnant. While some experts claim that it is completely safe to get inked while breastfeeding your child. Mainly due to the fact that the ink does not get into your milk supply so you will not be passing anything harmful on to the baby. However, there are risks involved in this process, such as the mother not taking care of her new tattoo or getting an infections. But you should know that getting an infection in your tattoo doesn’t happen very often. So if you want a tattoo bad enough after you have given birth and you are currently breastfeeding your new baby then it is up to you to use your own discretion to whether or not you want to get that fresh ink.

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