The Best Place To Get A Tattoo

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This can be kind of tricky, mainly because every person out there has a different pain tolerance. So one person may say it didn’t hurt at all, while another person will completely disagree and say it hurt like crazy. But for the most part there is a general rule you can follow that will help you decide what place on your body is the best place to get a tattoo.

First thing is first when someone is considering getting a tattoo they should keep in mind that getting the tattoo in a place that can be easily covered up with clothing is probably best. Another thing that should be brought into consideration is your hands and feet are not the best places to get tattoos. For one they tend to fade a heck of a lot faster, due to the fact that your socks and shoes will be rubbing up against your feet all the time and you are also constantly using your hands. Furthermore, these places tend to hurt extremely bad due to their not being any fat on those place.

Some of the best places to get a tattoo would be anywhere on your body that has a little bit more meat on it. It is a general rule of thumb that the more body fat that is in an area the less painful it is. So your calf, rear-end, bicep, and thigh are good place to aim for. The shoulder blade also tends not to be too painful. So if you can’t handle pain very well but want a tattoo, you need to stay away from very bony areas, like, your spine, ribs, ankle, feet, breast bone and etc.

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